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Adult Wellness Court

Mission Statement


The purpose of the Hoopa Valley Tribal Wellness Court Program is twofold. First, to create partnerships among service providers and community resources to effectively address the behavioral health needs of court-involved, substance abusing young adults, and adults; thereby creating a safer and healthier community.


Second, the Program is designed to assist tribal members to overcoming drug and alcohol problems by providing coordinated, court supervised therapeutic programs to help individual participants get free of drugs and alcohol and reconnect with family and the Hoopa Valley Tribal community. 



The Wellness Court program seeks to reduce alcohol and other drug abuse and recidivism among nonviolent criminal offenders who come before the tribal court. To accomplish this, intense judicial intervention and supervision is used.  The program will include but is not limited to:


  • Completing intake assessments.

  • Combining the information obtained during the intake and assessment process with decisions made in the case.

  • Coordinating between the court, the treatment community, the educational institutions and other community agencies.  All will respond, as needed, to the needs of the participant, his/her family and the court.

  • Providing active and continuous judicial supervision of a participant’s progress in the various program components.

  • Using incentives to recognize a participant’s progress in his/her treatment and using sanctions for noncompliance.

  • Focusing on the overall functioning of the participant throughout the Wellness Court program, in order to encourage and teach positive decision-making as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Reducing recidivism by developing individualized treatment plans and monitoring a participant’s progress while in the program; and

  • Using family supporting systems to encourage personal accountability.

Contact us


If you have any questions about the program or eligibility, please contact our Adult Wellness Court Coordinator, Hazel Ferris at (530) 625-4305 ext. 303 or

Adult Wellness Court Forms

Adult Wellness Court Flyer

Adult Wellness Court Brochure

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